Team Saturday!


(WOD borrowed from CrossFit Firebase – thanks Danny!)

Today you have joined a four person special forces unit put together to extract American POW’s held in a solid concrete cell.

As  a four person team you will leave your ship and row to shore: 160 burpees – 1 burpee at a time per team member – you go I go.

Once you reach shore – a mountain must be scaled. 100 pullups – only one team member can work at a time, but all 100 pull ups must be achieved

Once the mountain is scaled your unit runs together to the target location – 1600M run

At arrival of the target the cell is surrounded by concrete walls. Bust the walls down!! 100 ball slams

Once inside the POWs are alive but out cold. Begin extracting them. 50 Deadlifts of the 185# males and 50 deadlifts of the 135# females. Team deadlifts are allowed.

The POWs are alive and now awake – ready to go. The gear with them is highly sensitive and must return with the team. 1600M weighted run. Carry (1) 20# slam ball and (1) 14# slam ball during the run alternating the weight amongst the team during the run.

Your team is back at the boat. Row back to the mother ship. 160 you go I go burpees.

Your team needs to board the ship. 8 rope climbs total for the team.

Congrats your team made it back safely with the POWs and the sensitive gear!! Great job!!