If I had to use one word to sum up CrossFit – I would use community. As soon as I walked through the door of my first CrossFit box (“box” is CrossFit lingo for “gym”) I was welcomed into a family that I never knew existed. The longer I was there – the stronger my family became. The strength of this family is power, and with great power – comes great responsibility.

A great CrossFit box uses this strong internal power to give back to their community. CrossFit boxes are not corporate chains. We survive and exist in local communities – communities that we love and are a part of. You see, it’s the community inside and around the box that the CrossFit box actually supports. A healthier, more confident zip code, local charity or event sponsorships – whatever we can do to strengthen the community we live in – a great CrossFit box will always be all in.

Now combine a few of those great CrossFit boxes and some real cool stuff takes place. One box by itself is strong, but put us together and we can really support the community we live and work in.

CrossFit Iron Legion, CrossFit Pinnacle, CrossFit Zoo, and The Organic Chef Al Rosas teamed up over the holidays for our first combined charity fund raising event. Each of the CrossFit boxes members gathered at Al Rosas Farm for a nice holiday dinner, fun and festivities. Combined we raised close to one thousand dollars for the Marion County Special Olympics! CrossFit Iron Legion was proud to be a part of this event. Our first event together has shown me what we can do together. New events are being planned as you read!

Here’s the coolest part – not only were the three boxes (and Rosas Farm) able to raise this money for Marion County Special Olympics, we have also donated our boxes and time to support their local Special Olympics Power Lifting Team.  CrossFit Iron Legion, CrossFit Pinnacle and CrossFit Zoo are currently creating a plan with the Special Olympics to support these great athletes. This is going to be a lot of fun for us!!

Stay tuned Marion County – the local CrossFit Community is pulling together, getting stronger and more motivated to build a fitter, stronger Ocala!