With the energy  of the CrossFit Open in the rearview mirror, you might be feeling a void in your CrossFit life right now. This is pretty common because the Open brings the gym community together and provides a common ground for testing skills and fitness. It also gives everyone the opportunity to tune in and talk about the CrossFit world at large.

First and foremost, you’ll want to set some goals for the remainder of 2013 and work towards those goals. There is nearly three-quarters of the year left and plenty of time to work towards something new.

Here are some ideas for goals for the rest of 2013.

  1. Training for the CrossFit Open 2014 – You can always train hard and work towards crushing the Open in 2014. After having done Open 2013, you should have a solid idea of your strengths and weaknesses. Work on your weaknesses and keep building up your skills. Heck, you might even strive for qualifying for Regionals next year!
  2. Sign Up For Another CrossFit competition – There are plenty in Florida throughout the rest of the year. Pick one or two and make it a long-term training goal. The Bacon Beatdown in Orlando in June and Crush Games in Miami in August come to mind as large competitions that would be worth training for. There’s also the WODs of Thunder in August, a smaller competition that could be a good fit for Rx competitors. If you’re interested in testing your skills at a competition, speak with Coach Ted about which one would be most appropriate to train for.
  3. Pick a competition in another sport – Maybe you’re interested in a triathlon or adventure race down the road. Consider using CrossFit as a base for your fitness and setting the race as your long-term goal. Lots of CrossFitters do obstacle and challenge runs like the Super Spartan Race (8+ miles), Tough Mudder (12+ miles), and GoRuck Challenge (20+ miles). Your CrossFit training can always supplement those events.
  4. Get superhuman strong – If competition is just not your thing, consider setting some goals for your lifting maxes. It’s always useful to get stronger in the primary lifts for CrossFit. Set goals for new maxes by the end of the year in major lifts like deadlift, clean, snatch, back and front squat, and shoulder press.
  5. Get your first muscle-up! If you’re already superhuman strong, then perhaps some of the higher skill movements aren’t in your arsenal yet. Make a short list of the skills you’d like to achieve and work towards them. Muscle-ups, fast toes-to-bar, overhead squats, double-unders, butterfly pullups, and squat snatches are all good candidates.
  6. Get CrossFit Level 1 Certified – If you’re really into CrossFit, consider getting a Level 1 certification and try your hand at coaching. If you’re interested in pursuing a Level 1 cert, talk to Coach Ted about the next steps. Coaching is a good way to give back to the community and share your enthusiasm about the sport with new members.

With the Open completed, pick a couple of goals for the rest of the year and plan accordingly.

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