CrossFit Competitions are great. I absolutely love them and I participate in as many as I can. It’s an awesome experience unlike no other. Its community and strength, family and passion, emotion and power all wrapped up in a cool day or two. That said, day to day training should not focus on CrossFit Competitions.

CrossFit training will make you better at pretty much everything. It’s the magic behind the training style. Back in my days in the corporate world I would sit in conference meetings with puffed up blow hard wanna be’s stressing out over the smallest little details. I was always calm, mental clarity and focus given to me by smashing thru “Diane” or “Heavy Grace” that morning. You see, my body had already experienced the ultimate stressors – there was really nothing on the rest of the day’s agenda that ever seemed difficult after that.

What are your desires for your training? Have you always wanted a faster race time? Ever wanted to lift a particular weight? Do you want your children to emulate the right role models? That role model should always be you. Want to be ready for Boot Camp? Are you ready for Selection? Want to lose a few pounds? Feel better? Do you want mental clarity and focus? Do you want the confidence that you can pretty much handle anything that life can through at you? Here we train you to be ready for anything and we can help you with that.

That said – Get out there and do more than normal. Five of our members did just that last Saturday. They participated in their first GoRuck Challenge. From 1am in the morning until 11am they ruck marched with 40lbs on their back, a stretcher weighing 170# and their Team weights. Their march included various missions that were timed. “Casualties” were their penalties – and casualties had to be carried along with their 40lb rucks, to the next mission.  Some of these missions included swamps and gators, other missions included stadium climbs with the full weight of the rucks and stretchers.

Not one of our members waivered, each one of them made it through with their 20 person unit. Three of our group would have never considered this challenge before training here and they all pulled through like champions – finishing every mission ahead of schedule!

I honestly feel that every civilian needs to participate in GoRuck at least one time. It’s important for you as an American to taste – even it is a tiny taste, what our military has to go through so you and your family can sleep safe at night.

Another member of ours actively participates in Obstacle Course Racing. He is starting to dominate these races – every time he comes back from one he gets faster and faster!

I love that our members are branching out and dominating in events outside of the traditional CrossFit arena. CrossFit Competitions are great (and I love them) – but they are not the only arena in which to test your fitness. Whatever it may be out there in that big crazy ass world – if you want it, we can help you get there. Mountain Racing, GoRucks, Rodeo, Obstacle Courses, Olympic Weightlifting meets, Triathlons, a better LIFE  – whatever it is, you can train for it here!!

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