Written by Ted Dreaver


The quickest path between two points would obviously be the most direct route. Let’s take moving a football down a field of players for example.


The ball is in your hand, you look down the field and see an obviously clear path straight to the end zone. Your team is holding back the other players and the path to the goal is wide open.


This is your moment. Right here. Trust the path, stay the course, believe in your team and glory is yours.


But you hesitate. It just seems too easy. There must be something you aren’t seeing. So, you decide to change it up, you take it upon yourself to change the plan. You decide to juke right and use a zig zag pattern to the end zone.


Two steps into the new idea – and smash, you’re on your ass, ball fumbles and you’re left alone with your thoughts as the other team piles on and crushes your body into the turf.


That hesitation? That “juke right” instead of the plan – that’s what we call “getting cute”.


Don’t get cute.


You have goals in your life. Lose 100 lbs? Gain 10 lb in lean mass? Compete in fitness? Feel better in your own skin? Whatever that goal is – the path to those goals should always be the most direct. 


Achieving your goals – that’s our job here at Iron Legion. Here, we take the time to listen to what those goals are, and we create a very clear and direct path specific to each member who comes on board. 


We set realistic expectations, outline the path, and measure your progress as we move forward. It’s The Way.


However – some of you still “get cute” with the plan. Allowing distractions and advice from outside sources – friends, family, and hair stylists for example, cause doubt and deviation from the plan. 


And then there’s the old – “Using the more is better” approach: trying to “adjust” the plan by taking shortcuts or doing things that may have worked in the past, or you saw on Instagram – these are examples of “juking right”.


And we know what juking right does when we should have stayed the course?


That’s right, boom- on your ass.


The members here at Iron Legion who work their plan exactly as its laid out see the most success. Part of working the plan is closing out the distractions and allowing the team of coaches and associated members on the same path show them the way to success. 


These successful members – they work the plan exactly as its laid out. Patient, methodical and focused.


Our coaches, staff, and our successful members on a similar path as yours – they are the blockers on your field. Years of practice, training and expertise culminate on that field as they open up the most direct route for you to achieve the goal. 


There is a direct route to your goals and we can show it to you. 


We want you to take that path and stay the course. Steadfast determination and an unwavering prioritization of your goals is vital to your success. 


Align yourself with a team whose sole purpose is to help you achieve those goals. 


We are here to help you stay the course – and help you to remember to not get cute.

-Coach Ted