Picture this.

Each morning we wake up, work ourselves out of bed, and begin going about our morning routine.

Somewhere along the way we end up in front of the mirror. We lock eyes with ourselves – we scan top to bottom our image in that mirror. It is at this moment we can be the most critical.

Some of us look away almost immediately. Others – from time to time, lock eyes with that reflection and decide then and there that we are going to make a change. Today. 

Today we are going to begin eating better, going to the gym – just making better overall decisions.

Shoulders up – head high, we leave the house. Determined to make that change.

Something happens though.

It always seems to happen.

The next morning the process starts again, but this time we immediately look away. We looked away because we couldn’t do it. That decision we made the morning before – we couldn’t stick to it. 

We failed.

Why? Why does this always seem to happen?

Have you asked yourself this question? 

What if I told you that the odds of your success in this decision aren’t exactly stacked in your favor?

Stick with me for a minute:

The environment we live in these days is one of the most distracting, loud and misinformed times in human history. Most of us are bombarded by ads and communication designed to benefit corporate interests – not yours. 

To make matters worse our families, our friends – they too are exposed to this never ending bombardment of info. The very people you should be able to lean on when trying to change your life could very well be another negative force – parroting an ad or an article of something they think “you should know”.

And while most of our jobs are routine – they typically lend themselves to hectic schedules. There’s never enough time! And if you have kids it’s even tougher. How do we find time? Time to eat right? Time to work out? 

Maybe Aunt Mary is right – this lifestyle is too much for me.

This is what I’m talking about. All of this happened in 24 hrs and now we aren’t able to look at ourselves in the mirror.

Do we accept that as an excuse?

You could accept it as an excuse, most do. 

I mean – there isn’t anything you can do about your environment, others opinions, and your schedule..

Reread that last statement.

Or is there?

What if we started our change right then and there each morning? What if we began with a conscious decision to limit our exposure to media outlets. Maybe limit time with those well meaning family members and friends while we are adjusting into our new lifestyle? 
What if we took a few minutes before we leave the house to think of a rough schedule for the day. Set up our phone with some reminders – when to eat, when to pick up the kids, when to set aside time for a workout.

And then start. Slowly. Don’t overwhelm yourself at first.

The next morning look yourself in the eye and think of the things you DID accomplish. Even if it was just one thing on your list. 

Repeat. Everyday. Build on this.

Begin to add in other good choices as things become habit each day. Over time – seek out others on the same path.

Before you know it, you may find that image in the mirror each morning a little more agreeable. Someone that you can be proud of. Someone on a mission to turn their lives around. 

It all starts with a choice. Look at yourself in the mirror this morning and decide if you’re happy with the image looking back. 

That morning image – it should drive you. It should motivate you to be better. Use that time in the morning mirror to truly see yourself. 

The inside and the outside. Do they match? 

During this moment of reflection there should be no noise. No distractions. Be honest with yourself in this moment, but be tough too – because you are capable of more. So much more.

It will take strength to make the right decisions, strength to change habits and routines that could be years old. 

Building strength doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time of repeated, quality effort to grow real strength.

Make the decision to be better. Look yourself in the eye. 

And start.

I’m pulling for you – feel free to reach out if you need any help!!

-Coach Ted