“But my Doctor says Weightlifting / CrossFit / Fitness / Powerlifting /  Whatever – is bad for me…”

As if the world isn’t confusing enough these days – am I right?

You decide to make some changes in your life – you want to get stronger, or leaner – maybe you want to lose weight, looking to tone up, or just be more healthy.

You kick it around with your peeps. More often than not your – (insert your favorite authoritarian here – Doctor, Family, Friends, Teacher, Life Coach – whatever,) – says a certain fitness style you may be interested in – is bad for you…

What the hell?

And – I tend to agree.

True fitness training, much like any team sport – should have a level of training and ramp up required to safely become proficient at – well, anything.

Take a deep breath. You didn’t jump in a car and start driving immediately did you?

You don’t think you could step off your couch and expect to be drafted into the NFL in one day – right?

Two extremes – everyone drives, only some of us make the NFL…

However – at the end of the day: Most of us took a year or two to learn cursive. Yeah – the writing style. We were taught – however unwillingly, by our teachers.

My point is – not many of us are “naturals” at most anything. We have to learn and adapt over time. Most of us do this better with people who care about our progress – real trainers or coaches.

The real issue isn’t that these particular fitness styles will “hurt” you. Quite the opposite actually.

It’s that many companies and people focus more on your wallet then they do on making sure you safely get the results you are looking for.

There are PLENTY of gyms and “trainers” out there only too eager to take your money in return for the dopamine rush you get from carrying their key card on your keychain, wearing the free t-shirt and drinking from the super cool shaker bottle they gave you.

Free shit AND – You now can walk into their facility, be ignored and completely wreck yourself. Congratulations.

Then what happens? You got hurt or frustrated with no guidance – no direction. A perfect set up for you to never again try something you may have actually been really good at.

Listen man. There is a better way.

Don’t rush your choice.

Do your research first.

Don’t just pick something because it’s “close to the house” and or  “cheap”.

Think of it this way – McDonalds is close to the house and cheap. If you eat there everyday, I can assure you, you won’t like what you will become.

How do you find a quality facility or trainer related to the fitness style you are interested in then you ask?

First – and this is the hardest part, put convenience on the back burner during this research. You are on a mission to find someone to train you. To physically and mentally CHANGE you. They may not be close to your house – or your job. They also may not be the cheapest.

You will need to worry about convenience AFTER you have all the facts.

Secondly – do some online research in your area. Their website should clearly detail what they are all about and how / who is there to support you. Check out their social media, make sure this is a group you want to be associated with.


Go there.

Meet with them face to face. Phone calls are lazy in this scenario. Phone calls are for talking to Grandma. You are looking to commit to a program that’s going to change your life. Take the time to do it properly. In person.

Ask at the front desk about how to begin. Is there a process – an onboarding of any type? Ask about the Staff – what are their certifications? How long have they been coaching and or training members?

I can’t stress this enough – ask to talk to the Owner. Find out what they are all about – does it all match up?

If you’ve made it this far and it all sounds good, ask to try a class. Or if that’s not their policy – just sit through one. Are the members engaged? Are the trainers attentive? How’s the vibe? Can you see yourself here for the long haul?

This research goes a LONG way with not only your safety, but the achievement of your goals.

So while your – insert your favorite authoritarian here – Doctor, Family, Friends, Teacher, Coach – whatever, – says a certain fitness style you may be interested in is bad for you:

They may be right if you don’t take the time to do the research needed to begin any new activity.

It’s on you if you rush something as important as this.

I own my own gym – CrossFit Iron Legion in downtown Ocala, Florida. As the Owner – I personally invite you to stop by our place while you are doing your research.

I’d love to talk to you about where you are looking to go with your fitness related goals. While you are here, I’ll personally introduce you to our professional, Doctor led staff and take you on a tour of our well equipped facility.

Be safe out there guys. There are still a few gyms out there that care about you and your progression – its on you to seek them out.

I hope to meet you while you are looking!

– Coach Ted