Conversation: /noun/ a talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged.


More often than not I have this conversation with a potential member here at Iron Legion:



“Tell me a little about yourself, how your week goes.”

Potential Member:

“Hmm, I only sleep 3 hours a night. I eat at gas stations / vending machines / cafeterias because I’m always on the run. I poop every couple days and I’m seriously over stressed. Do you have a workout here that I can lose these extra 50lbs?”


“Well, we have a few other things in your life that we should sort out first.” 

Potential Member:

Visually uncomfortable.

“I thought all I had to do was workout…”

What we have to offer here at Iron Legion can be tough to understand from the outside looking in. You’ve got to see it – feel it, experience it. 


A phone call or email doesn’t capture it. I struggle explaining it over the phone and I love it here! 


I genuinely love sitting down with people and hearing their story. It’s one of the best parts of this business. Hearing about how someone’s life has been going up to this point and how they’ve finally decided to risk it and come through my doors – my black tinted doors with a wolf head and flames on them, is always best done in a face to face scenario. 


Every story is different. And every story is told with more than words. The best stories come from folks who have just had enough. These stories come from folks that know they are capable of more. 


They know there is a way out and they are willing to work hard for it, but they just need a little help. A little guidance and creativity as well as an understanding of where they are coming from and what they really need.


That’s what we do here. We get to know you – your story, your goals, your ambition. You – in turn, get to know what we can do for you before we ever even begin.


That’s what a great face to face conversation with someone positioned to help can do for you.


Whatever you are dealing with – that voice inside your head is telling you that it’s time to get your life back. That it’s finally time to prioritize you, your health and your body. That voice is right. You owe it to yourself to get on a path. 


My truck is parked out front of Iron Legion every day. I invite you to push open those black tinted Iron Legion doors and come on in – ask for me, and let’s talk. 


I’m pulling for you,


Coach Ted