Let’s just say – for shits and giggles, that you decided to be a mountain climber. “The mountains are calling” so they say – and you must go.


You begin to train for this new passion of yours. And oh boy – It’s a struggle. You know in the back of your mind it’s just something that you have to do. You dream about it. You obsess about it. It’s what you want – to be a Mountain Climber.


You’ve even gone as far as to pick *the* mountain you will be climbing. It looks majestic – it’s located in a remote area, its perfect:


 Mount Gonmakemegreat.


Just picking this mountain drives you to train harder. It inspires you to stay the course. You not only train at the gym – you begin climbing other mountains – smaller ones, to prepare. You are – becoming.


You are changing. Climbing Mount Gonmakemegret is now becoming the ultimate climb in your mind. You will not be able to move on in your life until it’s done.


The day comes and the summit begins. To say it’s a grind is an understatement. Grueling and nasty you drag yourself up the mountain. You fall a few times – ass over tea kettle, but pick yourself back up and keep climbing. Fighting doubt, pushing against dehydration and now new scrapes, bruises and stressed muscles you climb.


And then, all of a sudden you are within reach. Muscles screaming, body exhausted you pull yourself to the top of the summit. You’ve done it!


The view from here changes though. 


Other mountains dwarf Mount Gonmakemegreat. You can see them now. Bigger, more majestic. They surround Mount Gonmakemegreat. You see through your binoculars another climber climbing a much larger mountain in the distance.


Exasperation begins to eat at you. This mountain almost killed you and it’s half the size of the one in your view. How in the hell…?


The dedication and the work you’ve put in up to this point are admirable, there is no doubt. This was quite a summit. You’ve never felt anything like this. Exhaustion and exhilaration consume you at the same time.


What happens next is what will define you.


Will you be a guy who submitted Mount Gonmakemegreat? Or are you going to be a Mountain Climber?


Do the bigger, larger mountains inspire you to continue? Or have you done enough with achieving your singular goal?


The training and changes to your lifestyle you’ve made in conquering the single goal of Mount Gonmakemegreat have laid the groundwork to becoming the Mountain Climber you set out to be – but you’re not there yet. 


There are more mountains, more summits. The horizon is full of them. And you – you got in this game to be a Mountain Climber.


You take a deep breath of mountain air atop Mount Gonmakemegreat. You crack a smile for a moment and relish your small goal – knowing now that your mission is now  becoming more defined as you gaze at the new possibilities with your developing skills. 


You turn and coax your aching body back down the mountain – the thoughts of “which one will I summit next” fill your thoughts like driving fire.


Goals are great. Reaching them is important – but always keep in mind that they are milestones on the path of your ultimate mission. They should FUEL you upon accomplishment. Completing a goal should make you mash the accelerator with confidence and vindication that you are on the right path.


You are on a mission to become someone new. A Mission to become better then you’ve ever been. Don’t fall for the – “take a break you’ve earned it” lie. Stay driven and let every goal achieved be a burned bridge to a past you never want to return to. 


I’m pulling for you.


-Coach Ted