“Wir machen den Weg”

Translation: “We Make the Way”

Leaders create leaders.

In here – strength and endurance are cherished as virtues. Daily training focused on these virtues enhances confidence. 

That confidence emboldens us to move forward – to never stay still or become complacent.

Your development of an iron will and steadfastness to the lifestyle we encourage here is exactly what we aim to develop at Iron Legion: 

The Forging of Better Humans.

Shoulder to shoulder we train, we support each other in and out of the gym, we watch our kids grow, and we all get stronger and better in the process.

Each one of you have the ability to inspire someone here daily – that’s the glue that holds us together and what brings a lot of us back.

The ego may be the “driver” that originally brought you into the door – but its the ability to humble ourselves in an effort to learn and develop that keeps us here.

To learn, to grow, to become – better. Better humans, better parents, better friends.

In a world that appears at times to have lost its mind – 


“Wir machen den Weg”

We Make the Way.

See you in the gym!

-Coach Ted