This was a write up I did internally just for my internal group here at Iron Legion. Thought you all may enjoy it – and I hope you apply it:

A life without intensity will kill you slowly. Taking the comfortable road, always doing the “right thing” just leads to a life of pure boredom.

I remember sitting at an end of the year ceremony at an elementary school with my son recently. They actually gave out an award for “excellent attendance”. At a place that indoctrinates kids to do what they are told all day long regardless of their individual gifts or talents. 

How – boring. Great little corporate drones are a product of “excellent attendance”.

Life is meant to be lived man – full throttle. 


Those people who tell you not to take chances

They are all missing on what life’s about

You only live once so take hold of the chance

Don’t end up like others, same song and dance

“Motorbreath” by Metallica, 1982


Most of you need to start applying WAY more intensity.

This environment here at Iron Legion sets you up to be different – to be better. I never wanted to be like everyone else.

I was 8 when this song was written and released. To say that it changed my life is an understatement. 

I didn’t have a lot of “heroes” growing up – but Hetfield was probably my first.

This tune reached out and grabbed me at 10 years old and never ever let go.

The ferocity – the pure adrenaline rush and the lyrics combine into a masterpiece of pure testosterone and adrenaline generated fury.

I just listened to it in my truck coming to the gym and remember that behind all my drive – all my determination growing up and even today, started with this song.

It was gasoline for a preteen me. It’s still a ripper of a song 40 years later…

I posted a video of its earliest known live video – 1985. Enjoy – 

(Click video now or turn it up and play it again)

You – want to be stronger, faster, a better father, mother, friend, leader, financially stable, healthier, ripped – whatever – it’s your goal.

Your goals should be your passions. Your passion should be your obsession. Your obsession should be your FIRE.

Every rep, every step towards that goal should burn with intensity – NOTHING should be able to stand in your way.

The milestones achieved along the way should be bridges burned to a past you no longer are interested in. 

Start living on your terms – not anyone else’s.

Full speed or nothin.

-Coach Ted