Life balance is a comical term to me. Life by definition for most of us is chaos. For some of us it’s a calm but controlled chaos – and for others it’s just seemingly unexplainable chaos. Each of us would like “balance” but how do we find it?

Here at Iron Legion we train some of the busiest and most productive people in the Ocala area. I am always astounded by the sheer will of some of our folks to make sure they have found time in their day to give to themselves by training. 

Some of the day to day schedules that a select few of our Iron Legion members keep are beyond impressive.  

I’m not talking about that bullshit “hustle and grind culture” shit that encourages staring over 50 cups of coffee with red eyes and no sleep.

I’m talking about financially stable, aesthetically put together, genuinely happy, well rested, hard charging Iron Legion members. Of which we have quite a few.

Some have families, little kids, big kids, some work crazy hours, long hours and some even work very emotional jobs. 

How is it that a select few seem to find a way to balance all of those things and still find time for themselves to train and stay focused on their nutrition? They not only train – but they literally train at a level that their goals seem to come easy to them to the outside eye?

While there are others that  just can’t seem to ever find the time – for anything that moves them towards their goals.

It’s simple really. Not simple to put into action, but simple enough to understand:

These select few put their training first. They literally plan their day down to the hour around their training. Not the other way around – as so many often do.

They do this – all the time. Every day. Regardless of the season. Regardless of the holidays, regardless of their schedules.

They have a fire – an all consuming fire that training intensifies. By stoking that fire with training it clears their mind. By prioritizing their training first and foremost they become better at – everything. 

The fires stoked by dedicated training will spread into every aspect of their lives – they become better at their jobs, better socially, better parents. They become effective, productive, better humans.

As we roll into the holiday season I challenge all of you to “flip the script”. 


I challenge you to stop trying to find time in your day to train. You heard me. Read it again.



From today forward, prioritize your training first and foremost. This prioritization must be decided before you begin your day. Each day. Every day. 

Don’t let anything disrupt your dedication to that decided upon training time. Whatever time of the day – commit to it with an unwavering, obsessed drive. Let everything else in your life and your day land where it lands.

If some of you just scoffed and commented to yourselves some weak ass shit like  “easier said than done” I promise you, this blog post is directly written for you.

I’m not asking you to try a theory. I’m challenging you to try something that I’ve seen work one hundred percent of the time.

It sounds simple but it will require discipline and practice to get right. It’s worth it.

Look at it this way:

Prioritizing your training is putting your mental and physical health first and foremost in your day.

You will become the best version of yourself by literally putting yourself – first. Soon your mind will be clearer, your goals will become more attainable and the all consuming fire of dedicated training will continue to spread into all aspects of your life.

This holiday season change the script from “crazy stressed” to “super productive and full of energy” by making one simple switch:

Prioritize YOU by prioritizing your mental and physical health first and foremost each day.

It works. We have proof. Flip the script.

Yours in Strength and Confidence,

  • Coach Ted
  • #strengthoverfear
  • #forgingbetterhumans