Iron Legion’s “Forge” bindrune
Iron Legion’s “Forge” bindrune


Most businesses have a corporate logo- something bland, sterile, and devoid of any meaning beyond signaling it as “another fish in the sea, but different.”

We’ve never seen Iron Legion as a simple “business,” and certainly not “just another gym-” so we didn’t make a logo.

Instead, we created a symbol- a banner we can all be proud of, one that proclaims us not just as a place to get stronger, but a forge within which we can realize our own highest potential in every way:

Iron Legion’s “Forge” bindrune

The symbol is a “bindrune,” a combination of pictograms used by the ancient Scandinavians and Germanic tribes- ancestors to the raiding warriors we know as the Vikings- to signify both sound and meaning.

The base of our symbol is the “MANNAZ” rune, the part that looks like an “M” with crossed bars between its upright pillars.

This symbol represents humankind, men and women, and the potential that each one of them has within themselves to reach greatness- but only if they put in the necessary work to do so.

It’s a hopeful idea- that we can all do incredible things if we are willing to demand from ourselves the absolute best of our ability in order to continuously improve.

Iron Legion provides the place, and the tools, to become a pinnacle of the twin flames of Strength and Combat, however, only the individual can put those tools to work and realize their own transformation.

Above this is a diamond shape, the rune called “INGWAZ” which is the tribal structure of Iron Legion: the boundaries that make up our family unit, and the strength and motivation we give to each other here.

Inside this enclosure, all are empowered through the principles of honor and integrity- we demand the best from ourselves and from others, by building everyone up and embodying the age-old adage of “iron sharpens iron.”

At the top, the symbol looks like a tree- arrows pointing skyward.

This is our direction: Always upward, forever, never being derailed by the forces that undo those without the support structure we’ve built beneath it.

It is also two ANSUZ runes standing back-to-back, runes that signify powerful forces, the gods, and interpersonal relationships, because at Iron Legion, this is how we view it:

It’s us, back to back against anything the world can throw at us, with the gods, our friends, our family, standing with us against everything.

In this Forge, we build ourselves, and for this Forge, we sacrifice our weaknesses to become stronger for those around us.

Let’s turn up the fires, and start the work.

We’ve got legends to build!