Let’s face it – vehicles are now just extensions of our bodies.


They allow us to live and work in two different places and give us the ability to get places quicker. Now more than ever they are pretty much a requirement of day to day life.

Commuting to work, grocery stores for food, picking up kids, attending group activities – or even recreational events, all accessed by our vehicles.

Alas – those vehicles aren’t always dependable though are they? Without routine maintenance it’s inevitable that you’ll someday encounter some type of “major” breakdown in your ability to commute.

You could fix it yourself – but let’s face it, sometimes you just know a professional is needed.

You begin calling around to various mechanics – fishing for a quote. Hoping someone will tell you they can fix it like new for $5…

Only to end each call with the same comment from the mechanic – “you need to bring it in so we can fully diagnose the issue”.

So, you look at google maps  – find a mechanic close by, and bring it to them.

Your quote inevitably comes back with a labor charge of $90 an hour. The fix – is always estimated at quite a bit more than that hour. And then there are the parts…

“Holy damn I had no idea” you quietly mutter to yourself…

It’s at this point you need to make a decision.

You could immediately decide to go with that first quote. You may decide to shop around – only to find the rates and estimates aren’t that much different.

So, you decide. The car MUST be fixed. You have no other alternative. Your life as you know it simply cannot continue as-is without this issue being fixed.

It’s expensive. It takes time. But once you have the car back it’s like new – you can resume your life.

(Might want to start scheduling some routine maintenance to keep from going through this again anytime soon…)


Let’s back up a second. 

The car MUST be fixed. You have no other alternative. Your life as you know it simply cannot continue without this issue being fixed.

We’ve been talking about vehicles and mechanics. What if we re-read this story and replace the Vehicle with:

Your Body? 

And the Mechanic

With a Trainer?

Yeah – it’s like that.

You’ve woken up today and found 50 extra pounds of “life got in the way” on your frame. You can’t bend over to tie your shoes without losing your breath. You get exhausted playing with your kids.

Your energy levels are in the shitter. You are uncomfortable everywhere you go.

Your doctor has told you you need to lose weight and get your shit together.

You know something has to be done.

You could do it yourself, however – it was that same self that got you in this situation. You need a professional. 

So, you start calling around to gyms hoping to find a $5 fix. 

I think you know how this goes.

A good Trainer will ask that you come in so they can diagnose a path that works for you. An effective solution targeted at your situation. 

That Trainer – a reputable Trainer, will explain that there is a lot of work that needs to be done and it will take time, but – it’s doable. He should be able to show you a path and give you confidence that it can be done.

The decision needs to be made at this point.

“Holy damn I had no idea” you quietly mutter to yourself…


The cost should be irrelevant (much like the vehicle decision).   

In both the vehicle and body scenario, inaction will negatively impact your way of life. The only difference is that you will feel the negative impact of indecision immediately in the vehicle scenario.

The impact of indecision in the body scenario will have a negative impact as well – but, you can actually just go back to living the way you always have. Adding more pounds. And feeling like shit more and more each day.

Making the situation worse.

Allowing the body and mind to continue to degrade as each day passes. 

Shortening your overall lifespan, limiting the time with your children, and impacting your overall quality of life.

Is your vehicle actually more important than the short time you’ve been given on this earth?

Imagine where you could be if you made the life changing decision to take care of your body. Then followed that up with an excellent preventative maintenance plan?

We all get jammed up from time to time in this life. Vehicles break, life gets in the way – but there are folks out there willing to help. Good ones too, if you do your due diligence and seek them out.

You get one body during your turn on this earth. The quality of that life is directly related to how you treat the body. Your body deserves your attention, respect and investment in it each and every day. 

I would say your body deserves 100x  more respect than your vehicle…

Take a deep breath. Shut out the noise. Do your research and get with a Team that can get you where you want to go. Then – commit to the team and the work.  

Good luck out there guys – as always, I’m here to help.


Coach Ted

Iron Legion Strength and Combat