Our Strength + Conditioning programs are specifically created to develop your GPP, a term you will become familiar with at Iron Legion.

GPP is General Physical Preparedness. This means that we focus on your overall state. We do not isolate body parts in our Strength + Conditioning program. We will be utilizing your entire body from head to toe.

We use unique combinations of weightlifting, strongman, cardio, and gymnastics to build your strength, enhance your cardio, and create unstoppable endurance.

The result? GPP. The secondary result? Aesthetic differences you can be proud of and an ironclad confidence that you can take on anything.

We’ve seen our members lose hundreds of pounds of unwanted fat. We’ve helped them become leaner, more toned versions of themselves. We’ve watched them build new positive practices while eliminating bad habits through our Strength + Conditioning programs.

Iron Legion members have demolished marathons, obstacle course races, fitness competitions, weightlifting competitions, and more by only using our Strength + Conditioning programs to train and prepare.

Our Strength + Conditioning programs are suitable for any age, beginner to advanced skill levels, and any fitness goal.