Become Neo Samurai

At Iron Legion, we have found a direct correlation to the types of programs we offer and some of the most successful people in Ocala. 

And now we are able to enhance our offerings to Ocala’s Leaders and Doers by offering Jiu Jitsu.

Iron Legion in Downtown Ocala is a Helio Soneca Jiu Jitsu Affiliate:

Helio Moreira, commonly known as “Soneca”, is regarded by many as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend. A black belt under Carlos Gracie Junior, Helio “Soneca” became one of BJJ’s top competitors in the late 1990’s decade, having also followed a short term career in mixed martial arts (MMA). Moreira was one of the first black belts produced by the Gracie Barra academy, having later become a well respected instructor in jiu jitsu and MMA.

Our American Jiu Jitsu program is excellent for beginners and upper belts. Each class is professionally instructed by Brown and Black belts in the Helio Soneca lineage.