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Tactical and Ruck at Iron Legion

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Our Tactical and Ruck programs are excellent for anyone who is interested in team building and who wants to increase their odd object training and tactical strategy in highly stressful, physical situations. Each class is professionally instructed by experts in their field.

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What are our
Tactical and Ruck programs?

Tactical and ruck training are fitness concepts created around utilizing one’s environment to mimic real-world scenarios that these athletes may face in the day-to-day of their chosen profession. Tactical is perfect for current or prior military personnel as it gets athletes outside the gym and combines combat conditioning with things like sandbags and farmer carries. Ruck is good for hikers or First Responders who want an additional challenge added to their fitness routine as the added weight helps condition these athletes to carry great weight in the field.

In layman’s terms? Tactical and ruck help individuals build physical strength while reinforcing the concepts of teamwork, creating solutions in high-pressure situations, all while carrying extra weighted apparel or equipment.

The Tenets of Tactical and Ruck

  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Strategy
  • Maneuver
  • Transparency
  • Adaptation

Benefits of Tactical and Ruck

Boosts Strength
Builds Muscle
Builds Stamina
Strong Community

Meet Your Instructor

Our Ruck program is taught by a longtime GoRuck event athlete, Micheal Oliveros. Micheal has trained extensively for GoRuck Events and has participated in numerous GoRuck Heavy events all around the country. He has also participated in the highly specialized GoRuck Selection.

Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.


Meet Your Instructor

Iron Legion’s Tactical Athlete Training is specifically designed and coached by Behind the Shield’s podcast host, James Geering, for First Responders. James has 25 years of experience practicing and coaching martial arts, CrossFit, and tactical courses.

“Making people mentally and physically stronger and more resilient so they can thrive in life.”


What Classes Does Iron Legion Offer?

Iron Legion in Downtown Ocala is a multi-faceted fitness institution. Exercise your body while you evolve your mind.


Why Train with Iron Legion?

At Iron Legion, you aren’t just one of many. We forge fierce and disciplined fighters. We work with every individual to help them reach their potential and leave the forge better than when they come to us. Our programs are tailored to the individual to optimize the mind, strengthen the immune system, and build a stronger body.

“We’ve worked shoulder-to-shoulder with companions and have fostered the human connection that has grown into what Iron Legion is today. That growth came from the careful selection of leaders that are the Iron Legion team.”

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Interested in tactical, ruck, or want to become a certified badass? We’ll be waiting.