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Moxie Mother at Iron Legion

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Moxie Mother is a transformative fitness program designed specifically for women during their prenatal and postpartum journey.

This unique program recognizes the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy and after childbirth, providing a safe and effective fitness solution tailored to meet the needs of women at every stage.

Through Moxie Mother, women can find a supportive community, guidance from knowledgeable trainers, and a pathway to reclaiming their strength, both physically and emotionally, after childbirth.

What is
Moxie Mother?

Moxie Mother bridges the gap between fitness before children and fitness after birth.

Our programs support women through their motherhood transition in ways that foster community, health and wellness.

Join us for our FREE community event every Second Saturday at 11am at Iron Legion Strength + Combat.

Mothers in all stages are welcome and encouraged to attend.

During pregnancy, Moxie Mother offers exercises that focus on maintaining strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. These exercises are specifically designed to accommodate the changing body, alleviate discomfort, and promote a healthy pregnancy. Additionally, Moxie Mother empowers women by providing them with a supportive community of fellow mothers who can share experiences and offer encouragement, creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

After birth, getting back to the gym plays a vital role in aiding women in their recovery process, and not just to start classes as soon as possible. We encourage members to stop by, hop on the rowing machine, grab something in the cafe to help solidify that sense of community during and otherwise isolating time. The program incorporates exercises that help strengthen the core, rebuild pelvic floor muscles, and improve overall body strength. By engaging in postpartum fitness with Iron Legion,  women can regain their physical fitness, enhance energy levels, reduce stress, and boost their self-confidence.

Why train during pregnancy and postpartum?

Enhances overall health and wellness
Reduces stress
Reduces risk of injury
Enhanced Postpartum Recovery

Meet Your Instructor

Our Moxie Mother coach, Isabelle Reynolds has been coaching women and using the BirthFit methodology for over 6 years. Her experience training during pregnancy and after the births of her 3 children have allowed her to see and feel first hand the benefits of maintaining fitness and engaging with your community. Iron Legion has helped dozens of women navigate the modern medical model of pregnancy as illness and educated and supported women training how they want to train, safely. Isabelle approaches each mother as a unique individual capable of still working hard while nurturing herself and baby.

Check out Coach Isabelle in the community

“We try and reduce the stigma associated with exercise and pregnancy and also the ‘bounce back’ culture that isn’t serving women at all. From there safe movement, under guidance, with support will allow a woman to continue to train and stay in the community, which is exactly what will serve them.”

Personal Training

What Pregnancy + Postpartum Training Does Iron Legion Offer?

Iron Legion in Downtown Ocala offers the following classes and sessions:


Why Train with Iron Legion?

At Iron Legion, you aren’t just one of many. We forge fierce and disciplined humans. We work with every individual to help them reach their potential and leave the forge better than when they come to us. Our programs are tailored to the individual to optimize the mind, strengthen the immune system, and build a stronger body.

“Iron Legion gave me the village that I never knew I needed. I’ve been able to heal AND get stronger, all while meeting women going through the same thing as me.”

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