Iron Legion SC
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The Forge


We like to consider Iron Legion more of a campus than a gym. While a lot of our work is inside the brick and mortar walls of Iron Legion, we are well known by our downtown neighbors for our full utilization of our surrounding environment.

Inside the Space, you will find a 7,000-square foot air-conditioned, well-stocked gym with equipment from Rogue, Eleiko, XTraining, GetRx’d, Fuji Mats, and more. Take a closer look and you will see competition plates and barbells, GHDs, Echo Bikes, Concept 2 Rowers, and Ski Ergs. We are the proud carriers of some of the most unique and carefully selected strength and conditioning equipment in the Central Florida area. We also have over 160’ of indoor gymnastic rig wrapping its way around the facility.

Outdoors we have over an additional 5000-square feet of area equipped with 80’ of gymnastic rig and matted outdoor training area. We get to work forging better humans in this area with our huge assortment of sandbags, yokes, atlas stones, logs, prowler push-pull sleds, and more.

Our distance runs slice through the historic downtown Ocala area and utilize pavement changes, inclines, declines, parking garages, and more. Flat-track sprint training is also possible on the elevated “Rails to Trails” park system, strategically located just behind Iron Legion.

The Space amenities include Air Conditioning, water fountains, spacious bathrooms, showers, and bleachers to rest on between workouts. Next door, The Brick and Iron Cafe is stocked with performance-based supplementation, grab-and-go meals, smoothies, acai bowls, and more.


We are located directly in the heart of the Ocala historic district. Many of our members take advantage of getting a great workout in, grabbing a shower, and then walk around the downtown area perusing the local Farmers Market, restaurants, and retail spaces.

We invite you to come check out the Space. We are a unique addition to downtown Ocala and we take great pride in it. We think you’ll like it too.






2 x ER Combo Racks

2 x State of the Arc Combo Racks

1 x Rogue Monster Rack (w/ Monolift Attachment)

1 x Rep Fitness AB-3000 2.0 FID Adjustable Weight Bench

16 pairs of 25 kg plates

3 pairs of 20kg – 1.25kg plates

5 x Ohio Power Bars

2 x EliteFTS Safety Squat Bar

1 x Cambered Bar

1 x Ohio Deadlift Bar

1 x Rogue Swiss Bar

1 Rep V3100 Adjustable Incline Bench

1 x Legend Fitness Leg Ext/Curl Combo

1 x Legend Fitness Functional Trainer

1 x GHD

3 x 25 kg Bumper Plates

3 x 20 kg Bumper Plates

2 x 15 kg Bumper Plates

2 x 10 kg Bumper Plates

1 x Full Set Kg Change Plates

1 x 20kg Eleiko Men’s Training Bar

1 set Rogue Metal Jerk Blocks

2 x Axle Bar

1 x Texas Power Concepts Log 10”

1 x Texas Power Concepts Husafell ‘Stone’

1 x Rogue Trap Bar

Sandbags (50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250)

Atlas Stones ( 125, 150, 170, More )

1 pair Farmer Carry Handles

2 x 10kg Wolf Brigade Maces

1 x 8kg Wolf Brigade Mace

1 x 10lbs Mace

6 x Rogue Slice Sleds