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Kaitlin Neratka

Functional Health + Nutrition Coach

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Nutrition Coaching

As someone deeply passionate about health and wellness, I have dedicated years to assisting others in cultivating a healthy relationship with food and adopting healthier habits. I firmly believe that nourishing our bodies with nutritious foods is essential for overall well-being.

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Coach Kaitie’s Focus on Nutrition

Throughout my journey, I have strived to educate and empower individuals to make informed choices about their diet and lifestyle. By providing guidance and support, I have witnessed countless individuals achieve remarkable transformations in their physical and mental health.

Working with Coach Kaitie

  • Accountability
  • Goal Setting
  • Macro Plans
  • Coach Check Ins
  • Grocery Lists
  • Navigating Time Off
  • Fitness Programs
  • Meal Plans
  • Macro Adjustments
  • Time Management

What You’ll Start To Notice

Better Sleep
Increased Energy
Better Performance in the Gym
Stronger Immunity
Body Composition Changes
Better Relationship with Food
Lower Inflammation
Better Mood

Meet Our Nutritionist

Nutrition. It’s a word used so often and yet so many struggle to understand. I have always had a passion for knowing how what I eat will affect me physically but learned over the years the direct affect it can have mentally and emotionally. And not just because of what you are consuming but the psychology behind how and what to eat. There is soooo much info on nutrition and what to eat, what not to eat, how much, it’s never ending.


The number one thing I try to teach people when I talk about nutrition is it should be sustainable and sustainability requires both plus and minus. Which means you can have the piece of cake and get fit too. It’s all about balancing your food quantity and quality in the right amounts. I live by the 80/20 rule. Following the simple saying: eat real foods, not to much, mostly plants. But enjoy the cookie with your toddler, have the beer when celebrating with your friend, and definitely get seconds at thanksgiving.


Having a healthy relationship with food by enjoying the guilty pleasures in life occasionally, and paying attention to your servings and number of veggies the rest of the time is what makes your nutrition a lifestyle and not a diet. And it works.

“Decide on your “WHY”. This should be one that is very strong and very specific. This can help keep your focus on you and what is a manageable, achievable and a healthy goal. Reminding yourself of your why and accepting YOUR journey as the right one, can help to stay on track and keep moving in a forward direction.”

What Nutrition Plans are Available?

Iron Legion offers an array of plans based on fitness and experience levels. We would love to create a custom nutrition plan for you today.


Why Work with Kaitie?

Working with Kaitie will help you not only reach your goals, but learn positive habits that are sustainable. We work with every individual to help them reach their potential and leave better than when they come to us. Our programs are tailored to the individual to optimize the mind, strengthen the immune system, and build a stronger body.

“As humans, we are creatures of habit, we like what makes us comfortable, and we want instant gratification. These three things are part of the psychology of change. And all three need to be considered when you are looking to make changes to the way you eat permanently. ”

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