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Kids Jiu Jitsu at Iron Legion

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Iron Legion isn’t just for fully forged adults. At Iron Legion, we are a family, and we believe that establishing a healthy focus on health, fitness, and wellness from an early age is integral to having a healthy relationship with your body as you move into adulthood.

Our Kids Jiu Jitsu classes are excellent for beginners and seasoned practitioners of all ages. Each class is professionally instructed by upper belts and experts in the Helio Soneca lineage.

Give your child an edge on their education, in life, and in sports by introducing them to the art and discipline of Jiu Jitsu, CrossFit & Wrestling.

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Classes Limited to 12 students – reserve asap!

What is
American Jiu Jitsu?

American Jiu Jitsu official definition: a unique, scenario-based self-defense art that teaches students to respond to realistic situations with minimal effort using principles of physics, balance, and knowledge of human anatomy.

In layman’s terms? American Jiu Jitsu is the evolution of the more widely known Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after folk wrestling was introduced into the artform in the 90s. Folk-style wrestling originated in the colonies, shortly after America was founded. AJJ utilizes the focus on physics and anatomical knowledge to regain control of any situation.

Why Jiu Jitsu?

Enhances overall health and wellness
Engages the brain
Teaches discipline
Builds interpersonal communication skills

Meet Your Instructor

Our American Jiu Jitsu instructor, Coach Javian may have started their own journey at 18, but now they’re all about guiding kids through the world of Jiu Jitsu at Iron Legion. With a background in MMA, kickboxing, and Jiu Jitsu, they know a thing or two about the mat. Their coaching style? It’s all about building up mental and physical strength, so those kiddos can roll through any challenge on and off the mats. At Iron Legion, Coach Javian is all about fostering a love for Jiu Jitsu in the next generation, helping them find their flow and grow into confident grapplers.

‘My coaching philosophy is straightforward, yet immensely powerful. I firmly believe in training others to confront the reality of violence, whether it’s against a skilled adversary or someone untrained. My aim is to equip my students with the mental fortitude and physical prowess required to perform when it truly matters.’


What Jiu Jitsu Training Does Iron Legion Offer?

Iron Legion in Downtown Ocala is a Helio Soneca Jiu Jitsu Affiliate. We offer the following classes:


Why Train with Iron Legion?

At Iron Legion, you aren’t just one of many. We forge fierce and disciplined fighters. We work with every individual to help them reach their potential and leave the forge better than when they come to us. Our programs are tailored to the individual to optimize the mind, strengthen the immune system, and build a stronger body.

“Jiu Jitsu gave me a sense of control. It gave me the confidence I needed to keep others safe and overcome insurmountable odds.”

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