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Odin’s Judgment 2022

Date: November 05, 2022

Event Location

Viking Iron Events- Citizen Circle, Downtown Ocala

Odin's Judgment 2022

Odin’s Judgment is a No Gi Submission Only Grappling Tournament hosted by Black Belt Terrie Bourgeois at Fenrir’s Mayhem.

This tournament was born from a much needed return to the true purpose of submission grappling: to conclusively defeat a skilled opponent via submission. The common tactic of stalling on a two point lead to eke out a win has cost our sport a heavy toll: the attention of spectators.

Odin’s Judgment seeks to reverse that trend by bringing high intensity submission grappling to the masses, and providing a platform for driven athletes to showcase their hard earned skills!


Additional Information

  • Warm-up area provided
  • This is an outdoor event; it is highly recommended athletes bring tents and/or canopies to provide shade for in-between heats
  • Free for Spectators
  • Apparel and food vendors

Divisions & Movements

Divisions are OPEN
No weight classes


Male/Female divisions for each belt.

Sign Up To Compete



Weight classes: Open Weights/Absolute

Time limit:
• White Belt - 4min
• Blue Belt - 5min
• Purple Belt - 6min
• Brown Belt - 8min
• Black Belt - 10min


•It is the responsibility of the competitor when caught to acknowledge defeat and signify that with a physical or verbal tap. Our referees will do their best to intervene if there is danger of imminent maiming damage due to a competitors inexperience or ego.

•However if a choke is being applied and the victim competitor does not tap, the referees will allow it to continue until unconsciousness, at which point the match will be stopped.

SLAMS ARE LEGAL in two instances:

1. During takedowns. Must be a fluid continuation of a takedown.

2. While trapped in an active submission. If the submission is released the slam is no longer allowed. If the sub is released after the downward momentum of the slam has begun, it remains legal.


•Each participant will be allotted two stalling warnings per match. After the two warnings have been given, a third attempt at stalling will result in immediate disqualification.

•Fleeing engagement or non engagement for more than 5 seconds will be considered stalling. Attempting to manipulate the rules by engaging and subsequently disengaging in an attempt to restart the 5 seconds engagement rule will be an immediate warning.

•If found to be in a dominant position for more than 10 seconds without actively seeking submission will be a warning. If found to be in a non-dominant position for more than 10 seconds without actively seeking submission, escape, or reversal, will be a warning.

•If no submission is completed during the allotted match time, a referee’s decision will be rendered for the winner. It will be based on aggression, legitimate submission attempts, and dominance.

•In the rare occurrence that a referee decision cannot appropriately be rendered because a match has been too closely competitive, a no time limit sudden death will be held. If this should occur the first competitor to complete a scoring takedown will be declared the winner. This means a completed takedown with the opponents hips controlled and pinned for a three count.

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