WOW what a weekend!! Everywhere you looked CrossFit Iron Legion was there!! I am so proud of everyone and their accomplishments this weekend!! Let’s summarize:


We were a sponsor of the NH Jones 5K. Not only were we there as a sponsor – but 11 of our athletes decided to do the 5K – weighted! They either wore their weighted Ruck packs or carried their children! Such an awesome event to support as most of our kids attend this school!


We were a sponsor at the Reindeer Rumble with our 2XU Compression Partnership. AND we had 4 awesome Teams in the event! Some of our Teams PR’d weights, smashed old times and had a blast! Our first RX podium finish was at this event too with Haley and Karen tieing for first place with another Team. It was a real nail biter as these girls duked it out in the tiebreaker! We slid to second by only a couple reps – such a fun close competition!

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We were also at the Mud TITAN – Franklin Gonzalez placed 7th Overall & 3rd place in his age group 34:53 min on 4 mile course!



GoRuck LTE training was ongoing at 6am in the morning to about 11 am. These guys are going to do awesome at December 14th GoRuck LTE! The December 14th GoRuck LTE is a charity event to raise money for the Ocala Domestic Abuse Shelter – a great cause supported by great athetes


Mary Beth Cambell achieved her goal for the YEAR 2013. She started in January to run 13 half Marathons in 2013. On Sunday she did number 12 & 13 as a FULL marathon accompanied with Melissa Campbell. She ran a half Marathon every month this year….169 miles plus lots more training miles… Way to set a goal and stick with it!!

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Christine received her CrossFit Level 1!! Look for here to join the Coaching staff here at CFIL immediately!

My head is still spinning from how we have grown and what we can do as a Team! Congratulations to everyone who competed in the events and THANK YOU to everyone who came out and supported us! You are Awesome!

Oh yeah – and we won Best of Ocala in the Gyms category today. I wonder why… I love you guys!