Don’t look back – you’re not going that way. – Ragnar Lothbrok


It echoes in my mind. Last year was a year I spent in reflection. I watched the world lose its mind in regards to friends, family, fitness and health.


The noise was loud. Deafening. GO LEFT one side screams – GO RIGHT screams the other side. Both of them are so confident in their stance.


They are loud, angry and while they think themselves lions, they all remind me of dead eyed sheep, or crazy wild eyed lemmings.


As of this writing they still spread confusion and fear as they scream, lips frothing and bodies shaking with their convictions. I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon.


But. Meh.


I’m not a big follower. I’ve always marched to my own drum, blazed my own path – why should that change now?


Right? Left? Looking for a direction through the noise?


There is one direction that has always suited me – and it should help you find your way through this crazy time we are all embroiled in:




One strong step at a time – forward – in a direction that suits you, your family and your immediate circle of your people. 


Forward. Through the noise. Through the distractions.


Move forward with and from a position of strength.


My reflection over the last year solidified that Iron Legion will be that position of strength for you. We rely on each other here and build each other up through our style of training.


At 3, 2, 1 GO! we all work – hard. Together, shoulder to shoulder, we train and build a confidence and a strength that goes with us when we leave these walls.


Iron Legion is now more than ever on a mission to Forge Better Humans. We go WAY beyond fitness and we work diligently to develop a ferocious strength and confidence in each and every member here.


The outside world gets stranger every day. Inside these walls though we train with a purpose, with strength and direction. 


Our commitment to our members has been renewed and stamped firmly in new Iron.


Iron Legion welcomes beginners and long time athletes alike. We build and support leaders and doers. The challenges we face in here – prepare us all for anything that comes our way out there.


Take a chance. Shut out the noise. Align yourself with others on the same mission as you – and tread FORWARD. One strong, confident step at a time.


We got your back. We are here and we are ready to make you the strongest version of yourself. 


Do it for you – and for those closest to you.


Yours in Strength and Confidence,


Coach Ted