Come join us at the Grand Opening of CrossFit Iron Legion! We welcome everyone to come visit and check out our new digs! Come spend the day with us in a great family friendly atmosphere – there will be WODS going on throughout the day as well as awesome food brought in by Al Rosas / Rosas Farm and many other Vendors!

Here is a little outline for the event:

Event Start/Stop: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Event Timeline
9:00 Set up
Only 12 cars can fit in our parking lot – all other cars need to be diverted to all empty warehouse property in surrounding area
Vendor stage and set-up

(9:30 AM) Set up for team WOD
(10:00 AM) Guests Arrive

(10:30 AM) Team WOD Instruction & demo
(10:30 AM) Kids WODS Instructions and Demo
Seana, Jess

(11:00 AM) First heat of the team WOD – TED
(11:30 AM) Second heat of team WOD – TED
(11-12) Kids WODS – SEANA / JESS

(12:00 PM) Lunch Ready

(1:00 PM) Last heat for team WODs
(1:30 PM) Set up for All-Star WOD
(1:45 PM) All-star WOD instruction and demo – TED
(2:00 PM) First Heat – Coordinator / Time keeper ROB
(2:15 PM) Second Heat – Coordinator / Time keeper ROB
(2:30 PM) Break Down & after party set up
(2:45 PM) Thanks
(2:50 PM) After Party
(4:00 PM) Clean up & Close up

Team WOD:
Teams of 2
AMPAP 10 minutes
Partner one sprints 200M
Partner two kettle bell swings until partner one returns
EMOM 3 burpees when called. Both partners perform burpees
Score is combined total amount of kettle bell swings

Kids WODS:
Plan B (aka Red light Green Light)
For the Kids: replace lunge with “freeze”, use a pair of cones in the parking lot for the track
Run/walk 1 lap of the track, but when you hear the whistle, stop running and start lunge walking…when you hear the next whistle begin running again, and so on…until the lap is complete. The first person to complete the lap wins.
Kids WODS part 2:
Crazy chairs (aka Musical Chairs)
For the Kids: make the movements simple for the kids
The game starts by placing 2 fewer chairs (boxes) than competitors X yards away from the starting line.
Each round begins with all competitors standing on the starting line with their backs to the chairs. When you hear the first whistle, begin the movement**. When you hear the next whistle turn and sprint to the chairs. Anyone left standing is out. There will be a chair designated “time out” chair*. This will allow one lucky competitor to sit out the following round with no penalty. After each round 2 chairs will be removed and competitors will return to the starting line for the next round. The game continues in this same fashion until one competitor remains sitting.
*No “time out “chair the last 2 rounds
**Movements changed every round
BW – Burpees, jump squats, sit ups, mountain climbers, burpees, flutter kicks

All Stars WOD:
Muscle ups
135# Squat snatch

Shoot me an email or message if you want to do AMANDA -I can add more heats, only 4 people can go at a time.