This was our first event together as a family! I know a lot of you really dug deep to sign up for this event and for many of you this was your first taste of competition. I got the impression that you liked it!

I watch you and train you guys everyday. I knew you were all ready for this event and every one of you proved me right! Some of you had great speed and some of you were really coordinated – but all of you pulled together as a Team and let Ocala know that we are here and we are strong!

It really took my breath away as I watched our “tent” area fill up with people. It started out with just a few of us setting up and ended with members, friends, family and supporters everywhere! The post race gathering under our tent is what CrossFit is all about. Kids running around, members laughing and high fiving, hugs and pictures – a true sense of accomplishment on everyone’s face! I can not be any prouder of my Pack than I am right now!

We were a Team going into this event – and I feel like we left the event with an even stronger family than before. Competition is healthy and a natural progression for our training. It strengthens the bonds of our family and gives us all a chance to display who we are not only as individuals, but as a strong and growing family! Be sure to check out the hundreds of pictures on our Facebook page!!

Hero Rush 2012 – a good start! Next up – Zombie WODS in December!! After that… CrossFit Iron Legion takes on 2013!! I am honored to be a part of this growing family!!