Hey guys!! Just want to touch base with you and let you know how proud I am of all of you. You have all come a long way and it is really showing with those of you participating in The Open! We have unveiled some great individual athletes with new PRs as well as some impressive numbers posted for 13.1 and 13.2 – put these members on your watch list for 2014! As a Team The Iron Legion is really doing well for being such a young Box – at this rate we should expect to see a Team from this Box go to Regionals in 2014. Keep training hard and we will get there!

March Update:


The Summer Competition circuit will be in full swing after The Open. Raid Games April 20th in Orlando will be the first of many. Some of you are registered for Raid Games – some of you should be! Even if you’re not – we really need you there to support the athletes that do compete! There is no better feeling than competing with your family right there with you every step of the way!!  Bacon Beat Down is in June and registration goes live April 1st. Be ready to sign up – this one will sell out quick!! I will let you know about the events when I hear about them – but you guys keep an eye out too, if it looks good we will go crush it together! I urge you to compete and or be there and support your fellow competitors. Our strength is in numbers – each member of this pack draws strength from the member next to them. FIRST TO FINISH – FIRST TO ENCOURAGE


We have a new order of t-shirts and tanks. There will be new colors and cuts here for you in the next couple weeks. We are also designing men’s board shorts and ladies shorts and sports bras as well as creating a couple new t-shirt designs. These designs are almost complete and I can’t wait to add them to our line-up!  Rock those new bodies with some new gear!!


Our philosophy here is PROPER NUTRITION first followed by CrossFit training. Proper nutrition and our training style are the Iron Legion standard and the required prescription for attaining all of your goals.  Our partnership with Rosas Farm and The Purple Carrot grows stronger all the time. When it comes to grass fed meats and organic vegetables you need look no farther than right here at Iron Legion.  Order your products from Rosas and The Purple Carrot and pick them up right here at the Box on Thursdays!

We also carry products at this gym to enhance that prescription. We are stocked up on Progenex, ProAnox, Kill Cliff, and SOAK. These performance based products have been selected by our Box because they work. They work in concert with your clean eating lifestyle to get you recovered quicker and back in the gym training to smash those PRs!! Ask for a sample!

Open Gym

For those of you who are taking your training to the next level we are now offering OPEN GYM.  This will be between the hours of 10am to 1:30pm Monday thru Friday. This is a perfect time to work on skills, focus on a specific item, or train for an event. This is a $35 addition for Members and $50 for Non-Members.  Please note – this is not a coached environment, just a window of time for you to train.

Post WOD Care:

Feeling tight or bound up? We have Massages RX in house on Thursdays for Deep Tissue massage.  Business cards are available at the front desk. This is a great way for you to take care of your body after a brutal week of WODS!

We also have built a very strong relationship with Fakhoury Chiropractic. Mobility and flexibility are very important in this CrossFit lifestyle. Dr. Riad and his team have a full staff of therapists that not only do adjustments, but can also stretch and work with you on rehabilitating any current or existing mobility issues. Let them know you are a member at this gym when you call!

In summary, we have a lot of cool stuff going on! The Open is well underway and we are doing awesome! Our pack is growing with some of the greatest people I have ever met and they are all doing amazing things! I hope you are all as excited about this upcoming year as I am!! Keep eating clean, training hard, and recovering well! See you at the Box!!

-Coach Ted