CrossFit Competitions are a great venue in which to display your individual strengths. While our athletes got out there and did just that – I saw something else. Jesse captured the above image – an image that for me sums up our day.

Family. Support – Community and TEAM.

The majority of our athletes have been training CrossFit for less than a year and they all did amazing out there! All of our athletes that took the field could look up at any time and see a member of our pack. Our athletes could lock eyes with that fellow member if only for a minute – a second can be enough to reassure that athlete that they can go on. They can push harder. Yells and screams of encouragement drove our athletes. They dug deep and left it all out there and I am proud of all of them.

We are just getting started guys. Less than a year of training and our pack is strong. Our strength lies not only in our individual members, but more so in our community. I had the opportunity to watch our members show unwavering support for other members, respect for other Boxes and their athletes, and respect to the judges and competition hosts – both on and off the field.

CrossFit is not about Competitions. Its about a strong community and family made up of individuals who hold themselves and each other to a higher standard. Our members have embraced this – and from this community our athletes will only grow stronger. All we have to do is look to our left – or to our right to see our strength. Around each member is the support of each other, and that my friends, is where true strength is.

Some boxes have strong athletes, some boxes have a strong community  – the best boxes have both. I am proud to say that our Box clearly represents both. I was humbled by each of your performances on and off the field. And to all of the members and family and friends that came out to support us – to you I say thank you, you are our strength.

Respect and Honor.