CrossFit Iron Legion. The name Legion by itself signifies a strength in numbers. CrossFit Iron “Individual” sounds stupid. A strong pack draws its strength from within and from each member. Inside the four walls of our Box that is what we focus on. Our coaches do a great job building this strength, but it’s the members who really pull it together.


We have all seen this scenario at a gym somewhere – Mr. or Ms. Bad Ass comes in the gym and rocks the WOD. They take first on the whiteboard and go sit on a box until they cool down. Then they leave. Smug elite punk – I want to punch them in the throat. Scenario two: Mr. or Ms. popular Bad Ass. They smoke the days WOD and go high five their “bros” and create a little clique in the corner. Then they leave. “Cool club” punk asses – again, I can’t stand them. Yes they did great on the WOD – and yes as individuals they could be considered “great” athletes. The problem is they miss what makes CrossFit. These people miss what sets us apart. They don’t take the time to build up the community – their own community.


Our gym is strong. We come to this Box every day and we fight together. We take on the challenges written out on the whiteboard. These are challenges the normal public would never understand. Beginners, advanced, veterans – you name it, we are all pulling through the WOD together. On one deck there is a member pushing 135# and on another deck a member is pushing 15# – but we are doing it together. Each member is taxing the redline and pushing through mental barriers.


My favorite members are the ones who understand this. These stand out members respect each and every single person on the floor with them. I LOVE that member who yells encouragement mid WOD to another member who is struggling. I LOVE the member who finishes first, but stays and encourages everyone still pushing through the WOD. That member who not moments before was laying gasping for breath on the floor after finishing their WOD, but finds the energy to grab another bar and finishes the last reps with the new member who is struggling – or goes out on that last run with them. These members take my breath away. Regardless of where they place in a WOD they respect the member who is still pushing through. These members are what WE at CFIL are about. They know how it feels. They make up this strong community of CrossFit.


That is what will make us strong. When each member takes the time to build up and strengthen others in the pack – the pack itself gets stronger. The strength to care about our community is contagious – it builds new members up. For most members this is the first time they have ever been a part of anything like this. It’s powerful for a coach to watch when each and every individual is respected as part of a team universally.


So next time you “kill that WOD” take a second to look around you. Your fellow members will respect your athleticism for a moment, but they will respect you more if you don’t forget where you come from. It’s not all about you – and if that didn’t sink in, maybe you need to go to a gym where the mirrors allow you to spend time with your favorite person. There are no mirrors here.