CrossFit is a training methodology that can literally prepare you for anything. There are so many theaters in which to test your level of fitness these days. Regardless of the theater – Marathons, CrossFit Competitions, Weightlifting events, Adventure Races, Obstacle Course racing, fitness, weight loss, day to day life – you name it, we can prepare you for it. GORUCK is one such theater – and we have embraced it 100%!

Ted Dreaver – Owner of CrossFit Iron Legion (CFIL) participated in GORUCK Challenge 083 in Tampa, Florida. What he witnessed was an incredible event different than any individual test of strength and capacity. It was a challenge that required the Team to pull together. This was a military based Team challenge that often felt all too real during the 15 hour challenge.


GORUCK 083 ended at the USSCOM Memorial in Tampa, Fl. Realization really hit that what we had went thru was nothing compared to the real thing, and a great humbling respect sunk in. Ted never forgot that event and once CFIL was started he immediately started training his members for future GORUCK events. CFIL proudly sent a Team of members to Gainesville in September 2013. What transpired afterwards was awesome.


The Team came back and created a custom version of GORUCK with GORUCK called the GORUCK LTE. Our members took it upon themselves to work with GORUCK to hold the event last December right here in Ocala, Florida that anyone could participate in. They got roughly 30 people to attend this event and they donated every single dollar they raised directly to the Ocala Domestic Abuse Shelter here in Ocala, Florida. Watch the video to get a small taste of the event!


Now the CFIL GORUCK Team (now triple in size from the original Gainesville event) has their sights set on the GORUCK Challenge in Jacksonville, Florida later this month. The best part about this particular challenge so far was watching the sign ups. One member signed up – and when the rest of the Team heard about it they signed up immediately behind him to show support and solidarity. Awesome!


Do you want more out of life? Our members do. This is where they train to take on anything. This is where YOU can train to be ready for anything. Do YOU want to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Do YOU want be able to look to your left and right and see your fellow brothers and sisters standing tough with you – backing you up, motivating you to keep pushing forward, holding you to a higher standard? Buddy, CrossFit Iron Legion is for you. We live and breathe strong family here!