By Kaitie Neratka

What happens next?

Is this a question you think about after you achieve your goal? Whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, joined the 300# club, ran the marathon etc.


I mean the goal was met, you achieved what you wanted. So no need to keep being mindful of what you eat, how often you train, how much you sleep. You can probably have a few extra rest days now. And definitely a nightly treat like before won’t hurt.


I wish. For me and you. But our bodies don’t work like that. To keep what you worked for you have to keep doing what you were. Which is maintenance.


Y’all!  This is the easy part! It really is. Why? Because you already did the hardest part which was following a plan for however long.


You’ve cut out the stuff that was working against (at least 80% of it) and added in things that would help you achieve your goal. You know what to do, how to do it, when to do it.


So then why when we hit the “finish line” do we think we can go backwards and not end back at the starting line?


Because you never thought of the new habits you created as a permanent lifestyle change, but still as something short term.


Listen, if you feel you deserve a reward for fueling your body with foods that support your existence, exercising so your muscles can stay strong and support you walking around this earth, then by all means I support it, I actually encourage it!


Not so much as a reward but as part of your new lifestyle. Because BALANCE.


Indulging, splurging, these words describe


some. of. the. time.




all. of. the. time.


Just because you hit your goal does not mean your body is now no longer affected by poor eating habits and lack of movement. It just means you achieved your goal. Period.


Drinking 100+ oz of water should not stop, eating more fruits and veggies should not stop, exercising 3+ times a week should not stop. Enjoying the 2 beers on the weekend at dinner should not change. Having pizza night with your family should not change.


The habits and 80/20 lifestyle that you have been practicing while also chasing the goal you set for yourself should not look any different before or after you achieve it.


Seriously, do not change what is working, just keep doing it. There are just new goals that can be set. ALWAYS. And you should always set new goals.


“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” — Earl Nightingale